100! – Universität Hamburg Past and Present

  • Foto: Karin Plessing u. Reinhard Scheiblich, Hamburg

Main hall at the Universität Hamburg

Holy scripture of the Sikh religion from the department of culture and history of India

• Jens Imig
• Riccardo Falletta
• Bianca Mohr
• Costanza Rossi
• Birgit Schlegel
• Franziska Schuh
• Claudia Wagner
• Alexandra Zackiewicz

Media and programming
• Jörgen Pisarz, artavi

• gewerkdesign

ZBW – „Open Up!“ – How Digitalisation changes Science

The second site of „Open Up!“ at the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum, Berlin

Data(book) - Tower

• Jens Imig
• Henning Humml
• Victor Reichert
• Sebastian Franke

Production and Mounting
• Falko Riepe

• gewerkdesign

Out of Office – When robots and AI do our work for us …

Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg

What differences are there (still) between humans and machines?

• Jens Imig
• Franziska Müller
• Victor Reichert
• Birgit Schlegel
• Ida Flik
• Anna Priese

Light and Mounting
• Team Museum für Arbeit
• Uwe Sinkemat

• Pablo Hassmann